“Circling and Surrendered Leadership offers us the opportunity to explore our edges of consciousness. In powerfully owning our experience, being deeply open to others and holding both the known and unknown elements of this contact, we get to explore uncharted territory that can lead us home and beyond.

Bright colours of offerings lie before you. Exciting delights to taste and saviour. All-the-while the key glows inside you. The intimacy to yourself is the actual gateway. Untold depths rest within longing for light. Un-lived life, the deep unmet freeze-frames and oceans of joy and love await your attention.

Maybe we pay sharp attention. Maybe we relax into non-doing. We’re careful to speak truth, the moment’s pulsing sure truth. We create an immense space for others to be where they are. We risk.

We explore where we are not perceiving love where we could be. We walk into the tensions and indulge in the ease. We get to sculpture through immediacy. Discernments open us, paradox’s dance and we get to sing.

Expect the unexpected, see the mirror in your experience, sense the velvet sheeted in-exterior whispering through us all. We’re about to enter sacred realms. Run wild, crack through, rest into the earth, let celebrations peak and pray. Love’s penetration and rapturous embrace teasingly hide in broad daylight, and in the end the question remains, did I Love?”

John Thompson, -Jordan Myska Allen, CirclingEurope